Thank You 2013!

The past year was by far the kindest, generous and gentle year that I’ve had in a long time! So before I enter the festive season, which most of you know is my least favourite time of year, I thought to reflect and share some of my 2013 highlights with you.

Top of the list is without a doubt the London and Paris holiday with mom – too special for words. Spent time with all three my god children.  Traveled to see my precious friends and family, both far and wide, for reunions and visits! Invested in a new camera lens, sold an old one. Started a blog! Shot an Uzzi.

Allowed people too near, and pushed people too far. Made many new friends, reconnected with several others…Sadly had to say goodbye to some. Acknowledged all the special people that I’m surrounded by. I’m forever grateful for your on-going, unconditional love and support. Gave chances, and took chances (at times by giving them). I’ve listened to my heart instead of my head. Learnt the value of open, honest communication (says the communicator!)

Dusted off my vinyl and reconnected my SL1200 and 626 mixer. Danced many nights away. Laughed, loved, trusted, cried and cared. Spent more time in the gym than ever before. Started running (which I always said was a sport created for mad people!).

Took a flight to nowhere. Attended an Anti-Valentines party. Dined in Michelin Star restaurants.  Attended another Formula 1 Grand Prix, 8th one for me. Met Alonso, Massa, Snoop Dog, The Hoff, Jamiroquai, Kelly Clarkson, Aldo Zilli, John Burton-Race and Ed Baines, to name a few.

Flew in a helicopters, had lunch in Saint Tropez, walked the Old Course of the gorgeous Saint Andrews. Thoroughly enjoyed my work, loved the many new challenges and remained passionate about all that I do. Learnt how to balance my life…and reaped the countless benefits.

Spent every single day missing, loving and longing for you, Dad and Derick.

Note to 2014: Please can you keep this momentum going! I’m ready for whatever you’ll be throwing my way!

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