Beautiful Free State

The Free State will without a doubt always have a very special place in my heart, because I was born and raised in this province of South Africa. 

These images were captured en route to a little town called Clarens, which is located in the eastern part of the Free State.

The landscape of this province is characterised by treeless grass plains.

Nature’s Tenacity
It’s a Cat Life

Promising Sky

“Every day is another day closer to when it will rain”… These were the words…

The ‘Haunted’ Hillbrow Hospital

In 2010, after it closed it’s doors some 13 years prior, I had the privilege…


“Love is like a poisonous mushroom… You don’t know if it’s the real thing until…

The ‘she’ that is not me

She comes when you least expect it and takes total control over you. She perceives…

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