I Challenge You To …


Write a poem.

Take an online course.

Change up your routine.

Read out loud to someone.

Help people… join a charity.

Do everything with opposite hands.

Write with your non-dominant hand.

Change up your technology routines.

Ask only questions for one entire day.

Eat something you’ve never eaten before.

Speak to a stranger for at least 10minutes.

Play with children as if you were their age.

Speak to an elderly person… really chat to them.

Keep a diary & become more conscious of your emotions.

Ask the right questions. Everything can be a learning experience.

*** Image: Captured in Paris, France


The Tree Analogy of People


“How can I escape a cage build by man?” ~ PureDragonWolf

The Workshop

Every farm has one of these… a shed or ‘workshop’ where several items are awaiting…

Bricks in the Wall

Getting out of your shell?

Interesting creature…

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