This is my favourite photograph of my late father, Dirk Brink, of him doing what he loved most – spending time in nature – and was captured just more than a month before his tragic passing.  It’s a reflection of him in the mirror of the game viewing Land Cruiser while doing a game drive with his dearest friends at the Krugersdorp Game Reserve on 3 March 2007.  Not a day goes by where I don’t miss him… my role model, my “walking encyclopedia” and most of all, my best friend!

Red Raindrops ☂

Getting out of your shell?

Interesting creature…

People of the southern Free State

Something Fishy

Malawians are skilled in drying their fishing catches and here a woman can be seen…

The Tree Analogy of People

A few weeks ago my aunt told me about this beautiful tree analogy of people. …

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